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Spartan Company Bio

Official Spartan Company of Halo Diehards: www.halodiehards.net

Hello! HaloDiehards2 is the sister Company to Halo Diehards. Halo Diehards is a community of gamers who have immersed themselves in the Halo universe in one way or another, be it cosplay, lore, or the virtual battlefields of the game. The Halo Diehards website community is open to all fans (HaloDiehards.net) just as HaloDiehards2 Company is.

IMPORTANT: Halo Diehards are of mixed skill and are easy to get along with. Be good to each other.

Requirements: Be very easy to get along with. Stats may be checked occasionally to be sure that members are active.

Spartan Company Name: Halo Diehards (2) HaloDiehards2

Preferred Gametypes: Mix from competitive arena, to casual-competitive BTB, to customs. We also have members who prefer Warzone and Firefight. Depends on which members you're hanging with.

Skill Type: Mixed

Personality: Whether you're fighting alongside our more casual players or competitive, Halo Diehards members are friendly. In fact, many of us are downright entertaining. In Halo Diehards, how cool you are isn't based on skill, it's based on camaraderie. This doesn't mean you won't find some lobbies getting down and dirty, focused on loose strats and callouts. Disrespect towards fellow teammates is not tolerated.

Halo Diehards and friends are a large, diverse group of gamers, spanning the ranges of skill, gametype preference and forging.

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If you request to join this Company and do not receive a response, feel free to contact AddiCt3d 2CHa0s on Live (the "0" is a zero...)