Legacy Core Gaming

Legacy Core Gaming

"The Legacy Lives on"





Spartan Company Bio

Welcome to the Legacy Core Gaming! We are a Gaming Community with a lot of different opportunities for fun and advancement. For more information, feel free to message an officer and ask about the Company!

Legacy Corps Expectations:

In Legacy Core Gaming, We will be shooting for professionalism, Discipline, and Fun. We expect all members to uphold the rules and be respectful towards other players, LCG Members, and LCG Staff. We strive to be a professional looking group and to spread a good name for ourselves!

Legacy Core Gaming Rules:
  1. No disrespect towards Members of Legacy Core Gaming, and other players
  2. No drama
  3. No double clanning
  4. No poaching from other Clans
  5. Real life is always first
Legacy Core Gaming Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy:
There is a ZERO TOLERANCE Policy for any type of discrimination and sexual harassment. If you feel you are a victim of discrimination or sexual harassment, contact your Branch Colonel right away. Branch Colonels should take any reports of Discrimination or Sexual Harassment seriously and should bring them to the attention of the General and Brigadier Generals.

Current Officers:

FenrirTheBroken - Major
Coreybuddy Boy - Captain
Black Claw175 - Master Sergeant

Legacy Core Gaming Information:
  • Uniforms will be worn during Recruitment Events, Casual Events, and Competitive Events. Any member formed activity that consists of 5 or more members requires a uniform.
  • The uniform is as follows: Armor: Primary: Steel Secondary: Vermillion . Emblem: Fireteam Crimson (If not unlocked, Runes Emblem) Color: Primary: White, Secondary: Vermillion, Tertiary: Black
Companies are how we divide up our competitive teams, and keep them organized
Alpha Company
Company Commander – ISA Ranger (MJR)
Deputy Company Commander – Coreybuddy Boy (CPT)
Company Trainer – FTG Vulpine (TSGT)

Favorite Games

  • Halo: The Master Chief CollectionHalo: The Master Chief Collection
  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians
  • Halo: ReachHalo: Reach
  • Halo 3Halo 3