Original Dadbods

Original Dadbods

"Are You My Dad?"





Spartan Company Bio

UPDATE: On 7/23/2016, after 4 months of work, we unlocked the Achilles Helmet and finally found our Dad! As such we're no longer accepting new members.

In a world, where bickering, trolling, sarcasm, and griefing are all acceptable forms of love-language amongst a loose confederation of friends, THE ORIGINAL DADBODS REIGN SUPREME! If you're a dad in the most ironic sense of the word, or if you are looking impotently for your dad by asking strangers "Are you my dad?" with zero context, then this clan is the clan for you.

Instead of a lot of rules, team colors, and mottos we have one mission -- try to find our dad. Maybe he's on the top of red rook on Antifreeze. Maybe he's in the pit on Empire. Maybe he's teabagging furiously next to Commander Galapagos. Together we join forces to check these spots and killing anyone that stands in our way. Generations of Spartans have died by our hands and as a side benefit, our insatiable lust has carried us closer and closer to achieving the Achilles helmet and armor. Whether you're looking for your dad, are a dad, are my dad, or just want the Achilles join us and together we will stand tall on the wings of a shared dream.

The call of the Jovial Fruits awaits. Glory lies on the battlefield. We need to stick together. We're a family! Cry out "SAWAHHHTTT" as you unleash hell! Sound the immortal war horn of the luminous unicorns. Together we will go forth and make Timmy the Space Whale proud!