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PartyUpGaming Warlords

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Spartan Company Bio

Pro Spartan Company
PartyUpGaming's BTB / Warzone Based Company
Welcome to PartyUpGaming Warlords!
To sum it up we are one of the BEST Spartan Companies on Halo 5
We emphasize playing together with our members and we always have PUG fireteam lobbies running 24/7.
Typically 2-3 full Warzone Lobbies during the day, 1 at night & 5-6 full Arena Lobbies during the day, 1-3 at night. based on U.S.A. times
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Information About Us:
  • We are both a Warzone & Arena competitive Spartan Company, all members MUST be ACTIVE & PARTY UP. We are on throughout all timezones and are not limited to any specific region. We are strictly a Halo 5 Spartan Company on the Xbox One.
  • Our #1 Goal is to - connect gamers for an overall better experience and to have a Spartan Company that actually Plays Together, hence the name.
  • Unlocking the Achilles Set was just the beggining.
Requirements to Join:
- Must Party Up with Spartan Company Members (No Lone Wolfing it)!!!
- Prefer Everyone has a Microphone or Kinect
- Arena Players: Apply to PartyUpGaming Champions or PartyUpGaming Legends
  • Must Have 1.10 Kill/Death Ratio or Higher
  • Must be Spartan Rank 115+
  • Must be Onyx or Champion Ranked
- Warzone Players: Apply to PartyUpGaming or PartyUpGaming Warlords or PartyUpGaming Liquid
  • Must Have 1.45 Kill/Death Ratio or Higher
  • Must be Spartan Rank 135+
Easy Way To Join:
  • Simply click on "Request to Join" on the upper right^ of our Spartan Company page.
  • otherwise Message IAmDrrunnmk on or on Xbox Live GamerTag: IAmDrrunnmk
New PartyUpGaming Spartans:
1) Please add EVERYONE from the Spartan Company Roster as a 'Friend' on Xbox Live. That way you can invite your fellow Spartan Company Members to your fire team.
2) Check out the "Orientation", "Communications", & "Spartan Company Roster" on our clan forums to get started.
3) Once accepted MUST download "Discord" (free) mobile app. and message GT: IAmDrrunnmk for the group chat link
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"The Light Is Green"

Favorite Games

  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians