Scopes Up

Scopes Up

"Scopes Up, Hostiles Down"





Spartan Company Bio

Scopes Up is a Spartan Company for mature, friendly, competitive, and active halo players who are dedicated fans of the series (some of our clan members have been playing since Halo: CE on PC). The main purpose of this Spartan Company is to win matches, have fun, complete commendations in Arena/Warzone (for additional cosmetic unlocks) and organize squads for custom games, Arena games, and Warzone games alike. We may occasionally dabble in other areas of the game such as Forge and the Campaign as well. Requirements for our Spartan Company are below:
  • Ages 16+
  • Must be active on Halo 5 and Xbox Live
  • Must have a mic and communicate when playing
  • Positive Kill/Death Ratio
  • Play to win when in a competitive playlist
  • Be chill, have fun, and win games