Spartan Squad 9

Spartan Squad 9

"For Honor and Glory!"





Spartan Company Bio

Our Mission: Squad 9 first formed on Halo PC in 2003, and we have been active on every major FPS title ever since, eagerly awaiting for the game where it all started to return to PC. Today, our members have established a unit built on high standards of teamwork and respect. We aspire to become a top-tier gaming org and offer the ideal team experience, free of toxicity and hacking. We have plans to reestablish a Spartan Company on Halo:MCC for PC, and we've launched a preliminary recruiting drive to bolster our numbers going in.

What We Provide:
- Friendly and skilled teammates who have your back
- Flexible ops: drop-in/drop-out game nights and formally-planned operations
- Structured fireteams, ranks, awards, and training sessions
- Engaged and accessible leadership who are there for you
- Opportunities to lead others and develop your skills
- In-house server hosting, for sponsoring ops on MCC or other games

What We Expect:
- Mature, respectful players who are committed to the team
- Ambition to help lead or support by following
- Ability to join and communicate on Discord
- A love for playing Halo that all our members share

How We Are Structured:
- Modified military chain of command
- Code of Conduct (our standing constitution throughout all 16 years of our operation)
- Command Staff (Commander, Executive Officer)
- Officer Corps (managers who run each of the team's departments)
- Support Personnel (Moderators, Recruiters, Fireteam Leads)
- Members (5 levels of enlisted ranks with a clear path of advancement)

Our Team's Goals:
- To develop into a leading Halo:MCC community on PC
- To host activities, operations, and servers
- To form elite and professional competitive teams
- To provide opportunities members to develop their acumen as players and leaders

Favorite Games

  • Halo: The Master Chief CollectionHalo: The Master Chief Collection