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Spartan Company Bio

Updated 10/09/2021
Welcome to Unity Duty Destiny Spartans!

Looks like the spartan company system is being removed by 343, this is very upsetting and a low blow to the most dedicated Halo fans,
let 343 know how disapointed you are, as we will no longer be able to add or remove players once they upgrade halo waypoint on Novermber 1st.

This group exists to work on Halo Infinite/Halo 5 commendations / unlocks like armor and weapon skins.
Invite your friends if they want in too!, or have them send me a message at: sliferZ smiter on xbox or on here for halo waypoint.

Play regular warzone and arena when you can BUT, We need to see more activity than 1 or 2 recent games, with prior games being months or years ago.
If you do not play arena, and only play warzone firefight, you will not be accepted.
Members who have not played for more than 25 days could be removed.
There are no major rules / meetings / social ego contests, I made this to avoid exactly that due to the overwhelming amount of fun police in the halo community.
Be aware that there are no rulers or bosses here, anybody throwing weight around is not doing so under our name or intention, do not listen to bullies, and please let me know if any member is giving you trouble. We are all on an equal level, spartans work together.

Message me if you have an issue, espescially if you were wrongly removed.

We do not have an official Discord server, but we may in the future.
More info to follow, Keep it clean!