We Need Achi13es

We Need Achi13es

"War consumes us all..."





Spartan Company Bio

"You see, old friend? I brought more soldiers than you did!"

As with respect, the Achilles set is earned, NOT given.

>> If we are full & you still need Achilles, please join our sister companies;
- the 19th <<< 19th NEED YOU! APPLY!!
- the 20th (Recruitment closed)
- the 21st (this company already has the full set, apply if space & only if you want to be part of the community, you won't get Achilles)
Apply within <<

Achilles Helmet: Attained 23rd October '16, Congratulations 13th Company! HA-OOH!!


We are the Alpha & the Omega. The end is nigh!
Apocalypse Gaming is coming...

>>> You can find our Discord server to Apocalypse Gaming here! <<<

*AG is part of the WNA community; as companies unlock Achilles, we provide a platform after the hard work is done. It need not end there. Catering to anyone & everyone, from casual to competitive, whatever your game, campaign, coop or multiplayer - squad build & network in a fast growing community as we offer a wide variety of games to team up on. Whether you're on Xbox One, PS4, PC or Nintendo you have a home here.

Please note: AG tags are NOT mandatory, they are personal choice for those who feel invested & dedicated to what we're building. No doubt you'll feel part of the team either way!

The IV Horsemen ride...


Applicants and recruits of 13th please take note of the following:

        • Now that we have the full set, we are opening the doors & catering to a wide variety of gamers.
        • Please download the Discord app and/or visit the Discord website on joining; stay connected, communicate with the community, join the discussion & find a team!
        • Achieve a Spartan Rank (SR) of 20+. We no longer need the high standards we once had but having a minimal SR shows you're not a time waster. Please know the game & you will be more than likely invited back to a team if you can hold your own. If you're new however we can make exceptions..
        • Attain an overall positive K/D (above 1.0, not below it, no need to lie either, we can see your service record). Reason: This is a clear indication you know the game, you pull your weight and can hold your own. Achilles is rewarded for completing "kill commendations".
        • Be a gamer.
        • Respect other members in the 13th and the wider community. Those found griefing, flaming & trolling will be fast tracked out the door.
        • We're not an RPG or niche "clan" or company. We only seek the dedicated, professional and skilled that are committed enough to attaining the sort after Achilles set.
        • We're not a "clan", we don't scrim.
Join our fast growing gaming community and be part of the team! HA-OOH!!


WNA is a community of 21 companies; check out our hub here!

LISTEN UP! To attain Achilles you must be with a Spartan Company when they EARN it, when the unlock is rewarded. Please stop asking "where's my Achilles?".

Have some dignity & honour, put in the effort to earn the reward instead of looking to mooch & piggy back. As stated above, you will NOT earn Achilles if you join us now since we have already attained the full set. We won't be disbanding as we are a community, providing a service & platform for those who want to team up with Halo players. We also cater for a wide variety of other games so everyone is welcome to join us, you need only ask.

Favorite Games

  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians