We Need Achilles

We Need Achilles

"Swords for Arms, inc."





Spartan Company Bio

Please note!!!


Achilles Armor Attained: 6th March 2016
Achilles Helmet Attained:1st June 2016

Please ONLY apply to join if you have both Achilles unlocks or alternatively if you have a piece of Achilles unlocked and you don't mind not getting the other!

You will NOT obtain the Achilles set if you join us now.


You are more than welcome to apply to join one of our other WNA Companies should any places be available.

This Company will gradually shift into a general gaming community in the coming weeks. For now, we are accepting anyone who has Achilles and wants to be part of a larger group of people with similar achievements.

We Need Achilles. Achilles is our lifeblood. Without Achilles, we will die.

We Need Achilles is the largest community of Halo 5 players dedicated to unlocking the Achilles Armour Set. Join one of our 21 WNA companies, and you join an army of 2100 Spartan brothers and sisters united by one common goal...to forge a path to unlock the Achilles armour and helmet.

As with respect, the Achilles Armour Set is earned not given... and we seek to do so through good ol' fashioned playing, not by farming exploits or boosting commendations.

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  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians
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