A bunch of nubs

A bunch of nubs

"Grind for the armor set "





Spartan Company Bio

Grinding for the gear is what this company is all about. Read more and see if you're interested in being one of our Nubs.

The requirements are simple. We just ask that you play frequently and try to work towards completing commendations. If you ONLY play firefight and no other game modes, you will be counted as inactive. All of the firefight commendations have already been completed, so playing firefight doesn't help the company at all. You can play as much firefight as you would like, so long as you play other gametypes that will benefit the company as well.

If you're inactive for months at a time, you may be removed and your spot will be given to someone who plays more frequently. That being said, if you need to become inactive for a certain period of time for an important reason, message leadership and we may be able to make exceptions.

If you have questions about anything, please message LivinTheNubLife and I would be happy to answer them. We're happy to welcome anyone who wants to grind to the Nub family!