Alliance Testing Network

Alliance Testing Network

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Spartan Company Bio

"A group of lobby hosts, forgers, and Competitive players working together to create a stable testing environment and QA pipeline for the Halo 5 Forge Community.The goal of ATN is to enhance the forge community by providing services to help forgers hone their skills, improve map quality, and showcase polished creations.


Content is submitted to public lobbies for testing and feedback, if this content is greenlit for advancement by two public lobbies, it can be submitted to the queue for the pro team lobby. Experienced Forgers are on hand to guide feedback sessions and, on occasion, assist in polishing content that the original developer is struggling with. Should the content reach the level of refinement expected of matchmaking content, we will endeavor to bring it to the attention of the Community Cartographers.We are by no means the gatekeepers to the CC's or Matchmaking. We provide 5 services: Hosting Lobbies, Testing Content, Providing Feedback, Assisting with Refinement on a Case by Case basis, and Promoting Content pursuant to Matchmaking Consideration. We do not play favorites, merit trumps influence."
Seems Dangerous - Creator of Alliance Testing Network

This goal still stands today, while Seems Dangerous is no longer with us, Our goals have not changed.This spartan company is meant to assist and foster this ideal with the idea in mind to get everyone within the community involved in something bigger than themselves. Me (Xdemption), Duke of Mearl and Max Extra have been pushing the limits of what Alliance Testing Network can do. We now work with several other lobby hosts, such as those from Creative Force and Halocustoms. Most of all, our newly appointed premiere lobby hosted by the one and only Warholic AKA Nicholas Alexander, One of the Community Cartographers that visited 343 and head administrator on Forgehub.

It has been a long and hard road so far for all of us, and that is why we need you. We need players to help build this testing group and help test maps to help improve maps to a level of matchmaking quality. You will get to be a part of one of the largest QA pipelines in Halo forge and get to know the ins and outs of maps that could get into matchmaking. I speak from experience, as one of my maps recently got featured in the doubles playlist, Shurima. So join us and help us make halo great '
again and beyond!

Xdemption - Into the forge Lobby host
Duke of Mearl - Duke after Dark Lobby host
Max Extra - Max Extra's Forge Fridays lobby host

Heriocjkroy - Recruitment leader


Be sure to get on the forums for map submissions and Company talk!

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