"Clutch By Circumcision"





Spartan Company Bio

Welcome! We're a group of aspiring Halo players with a large diversity of desktop backgrounds. A lot of us grew up on P2P servers back in .Comtown so we get by just fine with each other and emphasize community above all! Our roots are diverse, and range from aspiring rap artists to not so aspiring con artists from the deep woods of Floriduh, creative ensembles that value books based on their cover arts to sweaty millenials in their tank tops with about as much fashionable diversity as a Flannel T-Shirt. But that's not all we limit ourselves to, we even have men of Abrahamic Descent to suspiciously homosexual Indians with the intention span of a half eaten Cabbage (or Lettuce). If you feel like that's too much diversity for you, worry not, some of us only limit ourselves to two halo games because our minds couldn't comprehend the vast array of supposedly broken/unplayable Halo games past Halo 2, and others think that playing Jenga Tower over and over again is the most fun they've had since hanging out once and bragging about their social life at the skate park to us hopeless losers (we get it, you go out). But in the rubble of all this diversity, the one who brought us together (for better or for worse) was the one and only Prophet of Swag (AKA CrayBae Can'Teven). Here's his story:

“Rising from humble beginnings as a lyrical scribe within the Ministry of Bling,San 'Shyuum prodigy Craybae Can’Teven soon found himself elevated to the title Prophet of Swag. Free from the trappings of a far more basic political persuasion, the Prophet of Swag was able to leverage his station to build a vivacious and vocal following who hung on every wild-waddled word. Craybae underpinned his philosophies with ancient late-20th century manuscripts that he assumed were of Forerunner origin, which included such wisdom as “The rejected stone is now the cornerstone. Sort of like the Master Builder when I make my way home.” Craybae's lyrical anthology "Back for More" was considered an unrivaled artistic achievement amongst the creative elite.”

— GrimBrother One.

(If you want his complete lyrical anthology "Back for More," contact someone else, we never had any in stock).

Join us, and share a dysfunctional community that's surprisingly still alive! You won't regret it.

Favorite Games

  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians
  • Halo: The Master Chief CollectionHalo: The Master Chief Collection