Blades Of The Swarm

Blades Of The Swarm






Spartan Company Bio

<p>The Strength Of The Team Is In Each Individual Member...</p>
<p>The Strength Of Each Member Is In The Team.</p>
<p><strong>Recruiter Of The Week:</strong></p>
<li>Who ever get ROTW earns x2 Points until the next ROTW</li>
<li>We pick based on how many new recruits you recruited.</li>
<li>Leaders are not able to be picked for ROTW</li>
<li>The day we pick on is Tuesday! Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.</li>
<p><strong>Rules to join us</strong></p>
<li>Be 13 or older</li>
<li>Understand that our uniform is mandatory</li>
<li>Respect the leaders decisions, we make em for a reason.</li>
<li>Probationary period 6 games with a leader.</li>
<p><strong>The Uniform Is A Wear At All Time Thing.</strong></p>
<p><strong>(Sooper Sav is excluded from this rule, due to the fact he is the one who made it. There are no more exceptions)</strong></p>
<p><strong>After joining us.</strong></p>
<li>Keep track of your points, we will and cannot track them for you. This is a sign of trust, if you don't keep track you don't rank up!</li>
<li>Always wear your uniform. Right now our uniform is only a emblem, make sure you have your colors for your emblem as well.</li>
<li>Once you have chosen your Brood(Division) you cannot change it for 3 months.</li>
<li>Keep party chats PG friendly while younger members are in the party!</li>
<li>Any form of harassing will be delt with accordingly.</li>
<li>Suggestions are always welcome!</li>
<li>Try to recruit 1 new member a week, this is a recommendation nothing mandatory, so don't freak out.</li>
<li>Let us know when you are going to be inactive for more than 3 days!</li>
<p>Point System -After achieving the next rank your current points reset to 0.</p>
<p>|Example- Zergling(75 Points) ranking to Raptorling/Swarmling(100 Points)</p>
<p>|Once you reach Raptorling/Swarmling your point count resets to 0. You do not rank down from</p>
<p>-After finishing a game you are rewarded with: 5 Points</p>
<p>-Each Player kill is rewarded: 1 Point(s)</p>
<p>-Each Player assist(Spartan assist, PvP) is awarded: 0.5 Points</p>
<p>-Playing with a BOTS member in any team based gametype(BTB, WarZone FireFight, &amp; WarZone/WarZone Assault) is rewarded: 1 Point(s) Per BOTS Member.</p>
<p>-Killing a Boss(Only Legendary &amp; Mythic only. You must get the medal for killing the Boss) in WarZone &amp; Fire Fight are rewarded with:</p>
<p>|15 Points (In WarZone)</p>
<p>|5 Points (In Firefight)</p>
<p>-If set member recruits a new member they are rewarded with: 10 Points</p>
<p>-If we unlock the Achilles Armor(Unlocked Via Spartan Company in halo Waypoint) everyone at the time that we unlock it that is an instant rank up.</p>
<p>|Unlocking the armor is rewarded with the armor and a instant rank up</p>
<p>|Unlocking the helmet is rewarded with the helmet and a instant rank up</p>
<p>-Participating in Clan Training is rewarded with: 5 Points</p>
<p>-Participating in a Clan v Clan Battle is rewarded with: 10 Points</p>
<p>-Participating in a Clan recruitment lobby(One a day): 5 Points</p>
<p>-Participating in a Clan v Clan training: 10 Points</p>
<p>-Completing A Company Commendation: 25 Points</p>
<li><a data-href="" href="">WDNA</a></li>
<li><a data-href="" href="">DNH</a></li>