Blood Angels

Blood Angels

"Be bloody, bold and resolute."





Spartan Company Bio

And so it was that they fought - the Angel and the Beast. Titanic must have been that struggle, between those two gods amongst men. Long must they have rained blows upon one another, until it seemed that the life of the universe itself hung in the balance...Yet, Sanguinius was bested...Even as the blade of death waited to strike him, Sanguinius would not turn from the path of Light. Thus it was that Sanguinius passed from this world. He who was everything a man should be was taken from us by the Darkness. A thousand times a thousand years of lamenting will never atone for our loss.
When the armor of your faith is buckled and torn, see in your mind that magnificent hero. Think upon his deeds and be humble, for his like will never walk the galaxy again.

Favorite Games

  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians