Canadian Spartan Company

Canadian Spartan Company

""Spartans Never Die""





Spartan Company Bio

*** We are currently full but please go HERE to join our second company!***
Welcome to the Canadian Spartan Company
-We welcome everyone from across Canada to join
-We also welcome players of all skill levels
-The company will be dedicated to both FUN and competitive gameplay.
-We are a Spartan Friendly Community
-We are here for people to enjoy themselves and to make friends
-This is where we will organize Halo 5 Game Nights and other possible events

If you want to play with a group made up of both guys and girls and from all walks of life and live in the Great White North this is your company. We will respond to all requests as soon as possible and we will see you on the battlefield.

"It's not our job to drop feet first into hell but it is our job to make sure its crowded when we get there"