Cheeky Shenanigans

Cheeky Shenanigans

"Ours are cheeky and fun!"





Spartan Company Bio

We're just a group of friends that enjoys gaming with each other... whether in arena, warzone, customs or even grouping up to see who can bounce the highest off the trampolines in Goat Simulator. There are no SR stipulations to join or weekly game requirements after joining... we're just here to have fun playing video games with a group of other like-minded and awesome people.

A few things about us: A large portion of our company are twitch streamers and we're currently planning a company-wide 24h charity streamathon. We recently hosted a company-wide 2v2 tournament and are planning other future tournaments (swat or ffa). We also have a company discord server that we use for LFGs, company news, chats, beatbox battles and other general shenanigans.

We're not trying to fill the company with just numbers, we want other good (meaning personality / not ability) people. We're building a solid community to, not only finish out the life of H5, but to set the groundwork for other Halos to come. So if you think you'd be a quality fit and are interested in joining, send the request or shoot one of the leaders a message so that we can schedule a time when we can all play together.

Favorite Games

  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians