Dark Empire Team

Dark Empire Team






Spartan Company Bio

SPARTAN COMPANY : Dark empire Team

1-Respect all members better way has possible.
2-Players should not quit the company without sending a message to the leader explaining why do they wanna quit ( all players will be in a excel program soon).
3-Halo 5 every GAP commendations are really IMPORTANT to full till level 5 Max.
special give away prizes on December for active members working hard on every commendations.
4- Loyalty is important in this clan. this is not a farm= banned and kick out
5- Work has a team no argument.
6- Invite your friends ,family and comrades or anybody you have in mind tha can grind. UPDATED
7-never rush yourself take maximum of your time to grind has much has possible.
8- must play Warzone and Arena or ( custom map ) during the week-days attending to full the commendations of the company. NEW
* must play during the week-ends attending to full the commendations of the company
* if needed to rest ,having exam, or something else important please contact the lieutenants
* more then 2 weeks of absent or not active= kick out of the company.

- Play 2-3 or more hours per day available of Halo 5 that goes toward Kill Commendations and any kind of others like assist etc.... (Arena and Warzone). UPDATED
-GAP ALWAYS need to be concentrated to be completed never to be ignore.

- Show your leader some love by sending him a "DONATIONS" REQ PACKS (gold req pack).
- Claim and earn has many req pack has possible even from events because every items count
-Events req packs are acceptable example: platinium pack, valentine pack, etc....
-Members who donated gold req pack a chance to win december 2018 prizes.
XRG Truth / xDemonicGamerx / Mink Prepper

-Are you a PRO and looking for a company to grind ?
-I do not accept DEFAULT message for recruitment = rejected.
-say no more request yourself to be accepted to this company called Dark Empire Team
-players who do not answer my messages or in interview can not join the spartan company
-we will accept you for free with no forms to full-up
-just to keep it clean I will promote lieutenant to kick off leechers and non active players

Favorite Games

  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians