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Spartan Company Bio

This company is the secondary company to our pro company Demoralized Pros. Only the best of players in this company will be invited there.

"D:emoralized" is a skill-based, Warzone/Arena Competitive Spartan Company, All members have proved themselves to be slayers. and the best at boss slaying. All of our members are leaders, We take control of situations.

- Join us on our official Discord, Add us on Xbox @xX23Richard23Xx, & @Andrew Jacobs.

  • Requirement for joining
  1. First off Game history is checked, before you join you need to provide some games that show your self-value to demoralized, When We check your history you need to be positive and at least at the top of the leaderboards, As for Arena you need some experience going against champion level people.
  2. Required to be at least an onyx in one or more ranked playlist. Onyx is honorable anything below may hurt your chances to join. Not so required but I want to see tons of games in the arena playlist around 1,200 total games in anything is respectable.
  3. You will be rejected if you are negative in arena or warzone. I need people that can carry their own backpack. I will not accept you if your win percentage is below 60%, Your KDA Must be above 2.0+ You need to win more games than your losses. I will let me know why I rejected you. (message me). We are not shady. You may reapply after you fix what you needed to fit, being rejected will not hurt your chances of joining again unless your spamming invites then you will be blocked.
  4. No alts are accepted at this time. we are nearing a full company and we need legit players with reqs. Acceptions are made for alts 148 and higher.
  5. All members should have Mic's and should speak English. required to join the party with the team.
  • Rules & Regulations
  1. Quitting out of games is absolutely punishable. You will be Verbally warned, Final warning then discharged. We are not quitters! lagging out and crashing is expected
  2. Demoralized members will be treated fairly and they will be respected and never treated or disrespected by other members. Joking around is okay tho. Demoralized members first, When a Demoralized lobby is started, anyone not Demoralized will be kicked when the lobby is full, Room will be madeTea bagging is required, Tea bagging is an act of male domination, which is used to humiliate, enemies rather not be tea bagged, it does need to be painful so, do it for a few minutes. remember Tea bagging is used during hazing or bullying incidents. Required to tea bag every single enemy opponent.
  3. When you're up against the wall, even if your trip capped, You are agreed to go positive against your opposing team. If you take an L, Go down fighting!

Favorite Games

  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians
  • Halo: The Master Chief CollectionHalo: The Master Chief Collection
  • Halo: ReachHalo: Reach
  • Halo 3Halo 3