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Spartan Company Bio

"Demoralized" is a skill-based, Warzone/Arena Competitive spartan company, All members have proved themselves to be slayers. and proven to be the best at boss slaying or the best in their field. Sponsored by Huggies cause We're Yoinking! on kids” We kinda apologize in advance, but facing us will make you feel very Demoralized, limited to making you cry and wet your pants after your defeat, Oh! Did we just declare victory, yeah! Tea bagging your face so hard you will quit and uninstall halo for fortnite. Dome Shooting you so perfectly, you will spawn back on call of duty. You might need to change out of you Elmo underwear now because your back in kindergarten kid and its nap time, Don't forget to tell your parents, and your -Yoink- girl that we're Demoralized and we are just getting started Don't forget to hide your mother too ;) "Demoralized ant playin"

  • Requirement to joining
  • I Richard log into twice a day to accept people and do stuff.
  1. Discord Click to join, Add us on Xbox @xX23Richard23Xx, And add @Andrew Jacobs. Subscribe to Richard on Youtube@xX23Richard23Xx for the latest in news follow us on twitter @xX23Richard23Xx & @Andrew Jacobs. Follow Richard on twitch @xX23R1chard23Xx.
  2. Only Good Alts are accepted not new accounts, please limit to 1, Must have 2000 Warzone Games with a 70% win percentage and good arena stats
  3. Must know proper knowledge of Halo 5 and all of the warzone maps. When bosses spawn, Proper call out spots like pride rock and butt hole.
  4. I prefer to have 152s, but any lower level you must rank onyx or champion in any playlist. Unless you've been invited or proved yourself.
  5. When you join us you represent us and our goals And you must meet those requirements. When you look bad we look bad, When you lose, we all lose, by joining you acknowledge that. Trying your best in games is all we want, We want to the best from you. No matter if you're going for bosses, Slaying the enemy team, or showing support by helping in any way.
  6. To summarize up, Get bosses, Slay the enemy team, and use or give teammates requisitions no holding back. Doing callouts are required, so you must Have a mic, knowing the maps are required, know the strategies are very important, Required to Have experience with playing with the best of the best, and also you must beat the best of the best, knowing the enemy team, and the people are an edge on your opponents. Halo5 Is a pretty small community of skilled players we all know each other, We've all played together for years now.
  7. You will be rejected if you are negative in arena and warzone. I will not accept you if your win percentage is below 55%, Your KDA Must be above 2,0. There is good real for this. trust me. You need to win more games and your losses. I will let me know why I rejected you. (message me). We are not shady. You may reapply after what is needed to be fixed is fixed, being rejected will not hurt your chances of joining again unless your spamming invites then you will be blocked.
  • Rules & Regulations
  1. Quitting out of games is absolutely punishable. You will be Verbally warned, Final warning then discharged. We are not quitters! lagging out and crashing is expected
  2. Demoralized members will be treated fairly and they will be respected and never treated or disrespected by other members. Joking around is okay tho. Demoralized members first, When a Demoralized lobby is started, anyone not Demoralized will be kicked when the lobby is full, Room will be madeTea bagging is required, Tea bagging is an act of male domination, which is used to humiliate, enemies rather not be tea bagged, it does need to be painful so, do it for a few minutes. remember Tea bagging is used during hazing or bullying incidents. Required to tea bag every single enemy opponent.
  3. All members should have Mic's and should speak English. required to join the party with the team,
  4. When you're up against the wall, even if your trip capped, You are agreed to go positive against your opposing team. If you take an L, Go down fighting!

Favorite Games

  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians
  • Halo: The Master Chief CollectionHalo: The Master Chief Collection
  • Halo: ReachHalo: Reach
  • Halo 3Halo 3