Digital Cowboys

Digital Cowboys

"Seeking all commendations!"





Spartan Company Bio


Digital Cowboys is a spartan company dedicated to completing all commendations. We don't have any crazy requirements to join, other than just being active. Our core group is active most nights of the week in both Warzone and Arena playlists. While our focus is completing all commendations in the game, we also want to utilize the company to form pre-made Warzone groups and grind Arena playlists. Any spartan who is active and also seeking commendations is welcome to join. We have earned our Achilles armor and are now working towards the helmet. Special thanks to b01000100 for providing our company with commendation tracking tools, including Discord integration.

Goals of Digital Cowboys:
  • 100% Commendation Completion
  • Forming Pre-Made Warzone Groups
  • Grinding Arena Playlists
  • Having Fun

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