Fierce Connection

Fierce Connection

"Keep It Tight"





Spartan Company Bio

Congratulations to my fellow Spartans in Fierce Connection. We have the Achilles Armor piece and on our way to getting the Helmet. All that stands between it and us is a few thousand Marine kills.

Welcome to Fierce Connection, Run by veterans playing since the original Halo, our current mission is simple, it is to obtain the ultra rare armor, Achilles. We're here to be a Fierce threat to other spartan companies and all other Spartans. We are not here just to play, we are here to win and to win and to win and have much fun while doing that until we are known throughout all Halo. We are Power, We are Savages, We are Fierce Connection. Prepare for WAR!!!!!

To those looking to join our company, a note; WE CANNOT ACCEPT YOU IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY IN A COMPANY. You have to leave whichever one you are currently in. Don't do so until you get a message from us though, otherwise you might end up in trouble.

And this goes for all of you guys asking to join (and boy there sure seem to be a lot of you all of a sudden); if you want in, you gotta play Warzone. Not a huge amount, we're not task masters. But play some of it and dont solo-Arena. And CERTAINLY don't play a lot of stuff like Infection, SWAT, Breakout, or basically anything Ranked, because we need vehicles and Marines and you cant get either of those there. BTB is alright, (for the moment) cause you can get vehicle kills there. Everything else, not so much.
The Sting reached level 152 on 2/18/18 (lol)
Remaining Requirements (updated daily or so)
Spartan Charges are DONE as of 1/15/18
Assassinations are DONE as of 2/3/18 (Whoever's doing this and getting so many, fine work!)
Buckle Ups are DONE as of 2/14/18
4735 Ground Vehicle Kills (Reminder; Warthog turrets dont count for this! Its gotta be a tank, Ghost or Gungoose. Dont forget to use em against Marines too)
And 8820 Marine Kills (Little challenge for all of you; every time you play Halo 5, try and get 25 Marine kills. Just 25. That'll make it easy. Also, Warzone Turbo when its on is an amazing place to get these since most people are more interested in grinding.)

A Small Suggestion From Command:
If you guys happen to be online and you see a company member playing, send them a party invite, or a game invite. From personal experience I can tell you this is a heck of a lot easier to grind when you've got someone to work with. Don't be afraid to reach out, we're all doing this together, and who knows, you might make a friend or two.