Fireteam Taranis

Fireteam Taranis





Spartan Company Bio

"You called down the Thunder, now Reap the Whirlwind"

Fireteam Taranis is named after Taranis, the god of Thunder in ancient Celtic and Gaul mythology, equivalent to the Roman god Jupiter, or the Greek god Zeus.

The fireteam is composed of 4 members:

Jeff is the fireteam leader. He came into to the Spartan-IV program after serving in the UNSC Marine Corps, and later, the ODSTs. He was selected for the Spartan program for his clear head during combat and his leadership skills, which were particularly demonstrated during a campaign where he lead troops behind enemy lines several times to rescue trapped civilians and friendly forces. Jeff is proficient in close-quarters combat, vehicular operation and the use of demolitions and explosives. He prefers to use the MA5 service rifle, and likes to keep an M45 Tactical Shotgun handy in addition to his M6 Magnum Sidearm. When on missions requiring the deployment of ordnance, Jeff is usually the one who will carry the team's demolition or explosive equipment.

Jason is the team's marksman. He enlisted in the UNSC Air Force, and after rigorous training became one of their elite Combat Controllers. He was recommended for the Spartan-IV program for his ability to think outside of the box. This was most evident during the Reach campaign, while Jason's unit was inserting into enemy held territory to provide accurate data for UNSC air strikes. Jason was operating the team's SRS99-S5 Anti-Materiel Rifle, and in mid-free fall was able to identify a target of opportunity; an Elite Field Master. He was able to make the kill before his team hit the ground which threw the enemy forces into disarray, allowing for the air strikes that followed to inflict maximum damage. Jason was able to achieve an impressive amount of confirmed kills with his trusty sniper rifle over the course of the campaign, until the survivors of his unit were finally evacuated from Reach's surface. Jason is an accomplished marksman, and prefers to utilize the BR85HB for medium range, and either a M395 DMR or a SRS99-S5 Anti-Material Rifle for combat at long range.