Flying Flamingo

Flying Flamingo

"Flamingos Above All"





Spartan Company Bio

Howdy, Welcome to the Flying Flamingo Spartan Company. This is a Achilles grind company. There is also a clan inside the company called The Flying Flamingos if you like that kinda stuff, The website link for that is posted below for information or message FF Barracuda on xbox. When requesting to join please do not request with the default message, We WILL reject it. Tell me why you deserve a spot in the company. We have already achieved the Armor piece and we are grinding for the helmet currently. If you only play firefight and or only customs you WILL be removed from the company with no questions asked. We require you to be active weekly. If you cannot be on weekly for some reason please let an admin know and provide a valid reason.

Achilles armor Unlocked 6/1/19
Achilles Helmet Unlocked N/A
In your Request to join please include.
1. In game level
2. How much you are active and what you play.
3. Do you have a mic (does not matter if you do or don't)
4. Highest rank in arena.
5. A reason why you want to join this spartan company.

Favorite Games

  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians