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Spartan Company Bio

As a group of experienced and competitive-minded Big Team Battle ("BTB") gamers, we founded Formal Focus in late 2020. We are dedicated to forming the most mature and open-to-criticism group of BTB players possible while also strongly prioritizing in-game skill. We enjoy perfecting our overall teamwork and learning as one cohesive unit. By only 'formally focusing' on what really matters, we are unimpeded by misplaced confidence, ego, or drama; traits that prevent the majority of online communities from being successful or enjoyable long-term options.

Ultimately, we value quality over quantity and class within the BTB community. This is reflected in recruitment, which is currently by invitation only. However, if you still feel you can be an asset in both skill and personality, fill out an application on our website or reach out to Genesis Rider. Technically the "leader" of Formal Focus, Genesis Rider confers with his fellow members before adding new players. Only outstanding applicants will be contacted.

Scrim Status: We are still concentrating our efforts towards recruiting compatible members and also producing consistent high quality Twitch and YouTube content. While this will always be a 'continual' process, we will only begin running scrims when the back end infrastructure has reached a level of self-sufficiency and our team members are all well practiced on a single Halo title.

Thank you for visiting our Waypoint Spartan Company page. We value your time and appreciate the visit!

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Formal Focus