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Galactic Marine Corps 2





Spartan Company Bio


We play a lot of Halo and welcome you to join our community.

Halo is where our company is centered. However it is a great place to hunt for achievements, play co-op, and hop on other games for fun.

Hop on LINE, a mobile instant messaging app to instantly message company members. LINE is not required as most posts will make it to the forums. It is recommended for convience. Microphones are required or at least to join you have to be attempting to get one. Line is integrated with the original Galactic Marine Corps.

This is a place to find gamers with the common ideology of progressing through games and having fun. We will have game nights three times a week. It will be filled with customs and partying up. You are not required to play, but it is recommended to get involved in the community.

The forums are a great place to find info on other games, not just Halo. Check out our news section timeline, as well as our forum topics dedicated to other games. Game nights are not limited to Halo only.

Please add BBT2014 or one of our lieutenants. On our game day in lobby you can invite and meet other gamers. Recruitment is done by inviting a friend to a game night, regardless of the game. It is not required that they own Halo 5, but it is recommended because that is where you will find most of our players. Please introduce yourself and games you like to play in the LINE, a forum post, or during a game night.
Let your friends know if you plan to go into cyrostasis (on leave) a while, so we know you just haven't disappeared.

Simply click on “Request to Join” on the upper right of our Spartan Company. Please talk to BBT2014 or a lieutenant to let us know who you are and so we can answer any questions you may have. If none are on, make a forum post and/or a message.

Click here if you want to apply to join the original GMC! They're the company that started it all join them if you want a Halo specific experience.

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Favorite Games

  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians