Halcyon Resolve

Halcyon Resolve

"Glory to the NRI, Hail Visari!"





Spartan Company Bio

Taking a more confident and defiant stance. National Reikist Imperium and Halcyon Resolve is telling the world that they're not going away any time soon. Regime holding strong and here to welcome those who seek, activity, recreation, order, realism and unity. No one shall be able to shake the Imperium we created; The NRI is here to stay and shall thrive through Loyalty, Duty, and Obedience.

NRI Oath: I_______Swear Upon My Life, To Uphold My Complete Loyalty To My True Leader And Chairman Of The National Reikist Imperium, HalcyonVisari. For As Long As I Operate Within This Clan And Community, No Clan Or Any Other Faction Alike Rendered Superior To HalcyonVisari And The NRI It's Self, His Word Is Final. And To Our Enemies Who Do Not Comprehend The Importance Of Our Goals, they will meet their demise. With This Said I Render All Services And Servitude To HalcyonVisari, I Swear Upon The Doctrine Of The NRI! Glory to Visari. Glory to NRI."
Joining the NRI is highly beneficial for individuals looking to grow and become noticed;
The NRI is a unique chance for members and newcomers alike, to endure older and richer traditions of the Military Community and its customs.
We allow all member to have an opportunity to achieve most any position; with dedication, hard work, and an overall positive clan mentality.
We are strict yet laid back; we enforce that members respect seniority within the NRI, however at the end of the day we are all friends and family. We will always compromise with members personal and real life needs.

The NRI is an ultimate a Military based clan.
However in technicality we are a Helghast Nationalist based regime.
The NRI is an intricate clan, with a pleasing design both in regards to structure and organization. The NRI maintains a lore bound structure at the same time as offering a socially active, realistic military environment