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Spartan Company Bio

**NOTE: Please join our forums at www.HaloWheelmen.com for entry into the Spartan company. A player must participate in three games before being allowed into the Spartan Company. We want the stats to reflect our community membership. No one is to add an "HWM" tag to their name until becoming a clan member. The application process can be found on our website.**

Founded in 2008, HaloWheelmen.com originally provided Wheelman medals in Halo 3 in 2008, and grew into a longstanding Halo clan committed to organized teamwork in large playlists.
We are an international community reaching from the sunny U.S. westcoast to the cold Norway, featuring friends of vehicles and footsoldiers. Many BTB veterans found their home at our site and will provide you with tips and tricks around all vehicles, Big Team Battle (Halo 3), Invasion (Halo Reach), and Warzone (Halo 5).
The Wheelmen thrive on technical, role-driven team play, so expect to be able to pop right in, get assigned a job based on what you are good at, and then be able to function as part of a 12 man unit right off the bat.
Playing as a random in Warzone is frustrating. We're looking for cool, relaxed players of all skill levels who are motivated to win, and willing to learn. As a vehicle-oriented community, anybody who likes to roll, flip, or fly will fit right in, but we're always in need of strong BRs to support our wheels! We roll Warzone and most likely BTB lobbies most, if not every night, and are happy to take on new teammates!
So if you want to play with people who have good sportsmanship and always up for fun, lols, or even competitive gaming, you should stop by our forums.
We are a member of the Good Game Network of clans and regularly organize mixers and matches with our fellow clans. Be advised this means we don't hold objectives, trash talk, or t-bag. We have diverse lobbies, so no excessive profanity, homophobic, sexist, racist, etc remarks! Come to play Halo to win, leave everything else at the door!
Our Staff consists of:
HWM Brickfungus- Site Owner and Creator
HWM il Duce - Forums and Event Manager
HWM Sarge - Clan Leader and Tactician
Visit us here!
All members of the Spartan company must be members of the website forums and receive approval from Staff.

Favorite Games

  • Halo: The Master Chief CollectionHalo: The Master Chief Collection
  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians
  • Halo 3Halo 3