Just Play Better

Just Play Better

"No excuses"





Spartan Company Bio

Lets get us some Achilles!

If you are wanting to join, please APPLY to Another Achilles Company for acceptance. That is our feeder company.

Ok, This company now has a feeder company, Another Achilles Company.
When members are removed from Just Play Better due to inactivity, the spots will be offered to active members of Another Achilles Company based on Halo 5 level and date of joining.
This will bolster our active player count, while also giving a home to more players who wish to earn Achilles.


With all that in mind.....i'm in need of some help. If you feel you are a member who wants more responsibility, or feel you can help recruit, please message UrbanerSeeker4 or OllieNorthLucas through halowaypoint.