Knights of Ares

Knights of Ares

"Our goal is to deny yours."





Spartan Company Bio

KNIGHTS OF ARES - Recruitment Video
Overwhelming, Insatiable, Destructive
Knights of Ares is more than a Spartan Company, we are a mature group of adults who seek victory in the face of adversary no matter the odds. We play with a sense of dignity and respect while simultaneously remaining vigorously competitive from the start of a match until the very last second expires. We are lovers of not just Halo and together we can accomplish our common goal. TO DENY YOURS.
While we make no claims of being a formal company, we do hold standards which we want to see in every one of our members, new and old:
1) Teamwork. We're a Spartan Company, after all, that means we work together, communicate effectively, and be constructive without being destructive no matter what opposition we face online.
2) Dedication. One of the most important assets to our team is dedication. If you want to be competitive and are willing to put in the effort we will do everything in our power, as a unit, to be victorious and get better.
3) Communication. Frustration will be felt during our time in arena, there are no doubts to that. However, we'd advise you to keep level headed and refrain from yelling at the game or each other during a match as it affects your team's ability to communicate with one another.
4) Rank. While not as important as it once was ranking in a few arena playlists is an excellent way to show your dedication and commitment to getting better at the game plus you don't have to go in alone, you'll always have a teammate on hand to help you dominate your opposition.
5) Band. All Knights of Ares members are required to join us on Band in order to more easily be able to communicate with one another while not online. You can either join on the Band app or website.
If you are interested in joining the Company please visit our Knights of Ares website or message a member of our leadership in order to fill out a Recruitment Package once you have completed your form you will be exposed to a short assessment in the form of several team Arena matches that we dub as your Bootcamp. If you are deem as a positive contribution and influence to our team then we will eagerly accept you into our ranks where we'll be glad to have you watching our six. Weapons free, we'll see you on the battlefield.
Company Commander (CC) - TheDarthHonor
Company Executive Officer (XO) - Its Lew Again
Company Master Sergeant (MS) - Primed Thor
Company First Sergeant (FS) - It was Katie

"Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories." - Sun Tzu

Favorite Games

  • Halo: The Master Chief CollectionHalo: The Master Chief Collection
  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians