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Spartan Company Bio

Work Together. Go Far. Limitless
- if you don't match requirement you will be rejected
- if you don't quite match the requirements but still want to join then give reasoning in your message why you feel you belong here and what you can do to help.
Achilles Armor Set Progress:
➡ Armor: Completed (06/04/17)
➡ Helmet: 96%
Requirements to join:

- Help company achieve the Achilles Helmet
- Play [Normal] Warzone games, this includes Assault and Turbo (Firefight does not count as Warzone)
- [Preferred] Diamond 1 +
- [Preferred] Level 100 +
- Make sure to check our HaloWaypoint spartan company messages for announcements once in awhile.
- Joining our discord is [preferred] (Link down at the bottom)
- Lastly, leaders check player activity at the end of each month which means *inactivity on Halo 5 will results in player being removed.
(Message company if you'll be inactive if you don't want to be removed)

* Inactivity: Not playing at least >>> [ 15 ] <<< games of Warzone in the current month
* Players who have joined the company near the end of the month won't be punished if not reaching the minimum requirement for Warzone games played
* If your removed you can still join back (If your removed for a second time your chances of coming back will be slim)
If you have any questions or suggestions message any of these people on Xbox or Halo Waypoint, or *Discord *(Join Discord only if you have joined the company):

Lieutenant #5:
- S A D K O T A [Status]: H.Wapoint: Active - H5: N/A
Lieutenant #4:
- LeftmostClamp [Status]: H.Waypoint: N/A - H5: N/A
Lieutenant #3:
- Codename Matrix [Status]: H.Waypoint: Active - H5: Active
Lieutenant #1 & Long Time Member
- ProclaimUnited [Status]: H.Waypoint: Inactive - H5: N/A
Founder & Leader:
- Shhy Panda [Status]: H.Waypoint: Active - H5: N/A
Lieutenant #2:
- DIAM0ND 4 [Status]: H.Waypoint: Inactive - H5:Inactive
Commendations (Last Updated: 05/14/19): - Last updated by: Shhy Panda
( 5 ) commendations left to complete:

Kill an opponent by hitting them with a vehicle: 4468 / 4900 (91%)
Kill an enemy Spartan with shoulder bash: 7269 / 9700 (75%)
Kill the driver of a moving enemy vehicle by using a Sniper Rifle: 671 / 1020 (66%)
Kill Marines: 19269 / 38900 (50%)
Kill an enemy Spartan with a ground vehicle: 12367 / 29200 (42%)
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