Legendary Achilles 2

Legendary Achilles 2

"Grindus Maximus"





Spartan Company Bio

Welcome to Legendary Achilles 2! This company was made by former leadership of Legendary Achilles, We Need Achil10s and the Eleven Seven. The companies obtained the Achilles set, but felt the need to create a company for others to get the Achilles armor and helmet.

We've built a great gaming community and want to see it continue. We have two fully active companies on our Discord server (see link below) that get together to form fire teams often.

Current rules of the company:
(1) Be respectful towards other members of the company
(2) Join our Discord server here so you can communicate with other members and find teammates . Must join to stay in company so you can keep track of your stats and hit your target numbers.
(3) Please avoid WZFF and Customs. They will not help us get the armor or helmet faster. We expect everyone to pull their weight.
(4) 300 minutes per week is required in arena and warzone (no firefight or customs). Our bot tracks time played so we will know whether you are playing or not.
(5) Use our bot often - it keeps track of your weekly statistics and it helps us track our progress for Achilles.

Current comm requirements per player by October 17:
(1) First Strike - 30
(2) Forgot to pay the toll (buckle up medal) - 5
(3) From downtown - 30
(4) Ground pound - 25
(5) Perfect kills - 90
(6) Lawnmower - 25
(7) Grenade kills - 200
(8) Lucky (last shot or cluster luck medals) - 25
(9) Road trip (ground vehicle kills) - 300
(10) Headshots - 1500
(11) Marines - 300
(12) Standard issue (AR, DMR, SMG, BR, Magnum, H2BR, Carbine, storm rifle, plasma pistol, light rifle, bolt shot, suppressor) - 2500
(13) Melee - 200
(14) Spartan charges - 90
(15) Reversals - 100

If you're up for the challenge send us a custom join request and type in "Let's Rock" in your message. All default messages will be ignored.