Legendary Achilles 5

Legendary Achilles 5

"yeah brah"





Spartan Company Bio

To Join:
-Put in your message you will join our discord

Rules of the company:
-Play at least 250 minutes a week
-Complete the set commendations for achieving the helmet
-Play under 60 minutes of Firefight, Super Fiesta, Forge, Campaign and Customs per week. This being it does not contribute to the companies progress. If you are over this it will result in a discharge
-Respect leadership of the company
-Minimum minutes and poor efforts on commendations will result in a warning and then discharges
-Once accepted you will need to do the following to REMAIN IN COMPANY
-Join our Discord. Discord is REQUIRED for all company members as there is individual commendations each player needs to achieve which can only be found in the Discord server's bot
-Make sure your gamertag and Discord name match
-When you arrive in the Discord reception lobby post the following: "This is [your gamertag] checking in to join Legendary Achilles 5" and we will add you to channels.

-If we are full request anyway. Rosters are often cleared
-If we are full request to join LA6

Armor completion: COMPLETED 5/3/2019 (MARCH 1ST)
Helmet completion: 53.76%

Favorite Games

  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians