Legendary Achilles 5

Legendary Achilles 5

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Spartan Company Bio

Welcome to Legendary Achilles 5. We are one of the several LA companies with over 600 members strong. We grind helmets for breakfast and no company is able to beat our speed to helmet completion. Our leadership in LA5 alone has grinded out 15 helmets among us. We know how to get it done. The company became active on December 28, 2018. We are a stats driven company so if you don't contribute to Achilles then you should find another home.

Armor completion: Completed March 5, 2019
Helmet completion: 85.64%

Rules of the company:
-Play at least 350 minutes a week
-Complete the set commendations for achieving the helmet. We have the best bot in all of Halo that tracks stats hourly. It tracks activity, kills, commendations, and anything else you need to know.
-Avoid game modes that do not help our progress to Achilles. These include firefight, forge, customs, and fiesta
-Respect leadership of the company and all members of the Legendary community

To Join:
-Put in your message you will join our discord
-Say you will play 350 minutes a week

Once accepted you will need to do the following to REMAIN IN COMPANY:
-Join Discord (the link to discord is in our private company forum, which you will have access to after you are accepted)
-Make sure your gamertag and Discord name match
-When you arrive in the Discord reception lobby post the following: "This is [your gamertag] checking in to join Legendary Achilles 5" and we will add you to channels.-If we are full request anyway. Rosters are often cleared
-All company members need to achieve certain commendations indicated in the Discord server's bot. That link can only be accessed once you are accepted into the spartan company.

Favorite Games

  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians