Legendary Achilles 6

Legendary Achilles 6

"Love it or Shove it"





Spartan Company Bio


This is the 6th legion of the Legendary Achilles Empire. Grind and Respect are our two biggest mottos. Speak softly and carry a big stick.

The LA family has grinded over 20 helmets so if you want to be in good company join us. We have set plenty of H5 records and we want that legacy to continue. We will always be grinding for Achilles until Infinite.

If you want to join, apply on Waypoint and join the Discord server.

LA Companies that Still Need the Armor and Helmet


Armor Completed- 5/2/2019

Helmet Progress- 99.42%

Current requirements to join the company:
1. Join our discord so you can track your required stats each week. The discord link is posted in our private company forums. The link will only work if you are a member of LA6.
  • This is MANDATORY. Failure to join within 72 hours will result in a boot and if you don’t, you surely will later on
  • Be active within the Discord so we don't think you are trying not to hide and do nothing
  • Be sure to change your Discord name to your GT
2. If you put in the default message when you try to join LA6 you will be rejected
  • Show us that you want to join, not because you think you can
  • Give us a reason why you should have a spot in our company
  • If you do send in the default message, it probably means you haven't bothered reading our bio or simply don't care
3. Be respectful to all members of the LA community

4. Be active with at least 300 minutes of Arena/Social/WZ weekly
  • A combined total of 60 minutes or more for FF and customs is not allowed and will result in a kick unless you have a legitimate excuse
  • While Infection is under Social, playing a lot of it is frowned upon since it hardly contributes to comms
  • If something occurred and you can't play the minimum required time, you need to notify leadership asap
5. You must be able to meet your comm requirements for the current cycle
  • Failure to complete your comms or reach the par percentage will result in a kick unless you have a legitimate excuse
  • If something occurred and you can't complete your comms on time, you need to notify leadership asap
6. Have a decent game history before joining.
  • Unless you have some very astounding stats in PvP, we don't want to see your last few games were FF, Infection, Fiesta, last played two months ago, etc.
  • Think of it as a resume. Show us that you're able to grind through your play history and what you're able to do prior to applying
  • We don't want excuses like, "Accept me and I'll prove myself" or "I hardly ever play, but I'm a really good player"
7. Please have a good grasp of the English language before joining
  • If your English isn't all that great, please state it in your application and what your native tongue is. LA is a diverse group, so we have people who can help you
8. Don't @everyone in the Discord channel
  • It pings anyone and everyone who is associated with WNA and LA
  • Doing so will result in a ban. You have been warned.
9. And be familiar with these commands once you join Discord:
  • !c, ?c, or ~c brings up your commendations
  • !a, ?a, or ~a brings up your game history and time
  • !p 57, ?p 57, or ~p 57 brings up our company’s progress for the armor and helmet
  • !d [Insert Portion of Comm Name], ?d [Insert Portion of Comm Name], or ~d [Insert Portion of Comm Name] tells you the comm’s description
If you have any further questions, contact either MaliceGhost, ZephryUnmanned, Kilixor, Gr34tR3dDr4g0n, Cardiactrack, LegendaryProf81, Wolly Wospers, or anyone that’s part of LA’s leadership

Favorite Games

  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians