Maverick SC Inc

Maverick SC Inc

"Shoot first, think never."





Spartan Company Bio

Maverick Security Consulting, Inc., formerly Spartan-II Grizzly Team, was a two-man team consisting of Dan-156 and [REDACTED]. A second generation of the Spartan-II program trained specifically for vehicular combat, Grizzly Team was trained as pilots, albeit being just as efficient on the ground as in the air. Most of Grizzly Team's operations are unknown, some files are redacted, some don't exist. Rumor has it, they fought along side the legendary Blue Team on several occasions. Grizzly Team was assigned to the UNSC Pillar of Autumn in early 2530, they were reassigned shortly after the Harvest Campaign. In 2535, Grizzly Team added three more members to the roster in a joint operation with the Spartan-III program, and becoming the UNSC's primary air superiority unit. Years later, in 2552, Grizzly Team was one of the last teams to leave Reach, with two Spartans going MIA during the Fall. A few months later Grizzly Team participated in the Battle of Earth, fighting Covenant forces to the north of New Mombasa, and Flood just weeks later. [REDACTED] went MIA during the Battle of Earth. On March 3rd, 2553, the Human-Covenant war was over and only one of the two original members still active, Grizzly Team was disbanded. With the Covenant threat effectively neutralized, and the UNSC's focus being to keep the peace, Grizzly Team's former leader started Maverick Security Consulting, Inc. Maverick takes all the contracts the UNSC deems immoral, it doesn't matter who they work for so long as the pay is good. After the conclusion of the First Battle of Requiem on July 23rd, 2557, and the Promethean threat on the rise along with the remnant Covenant, the UNSC gave Maverick an indefinite contract.

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