Noble Elementos

Noble Elementos






Spartan Company Bio

Spartans. Human history's most elite military units. Trained from birth, To absolutely destroy all enemies within their grasp.
Loyal, and strong, bonds stronger than the densest stars in the known universe, One single spartan is enough trouble, but an army is something no warrior in the battlefield wants to see. Loyalty and honor is our core principle, which gives us our power to dominate the warzone. Same as the spartans in history's past, comes with each victory.. glory to sparta. May the worthy stand by our side, and the weak suffer our wrath. Belief that we can win, Not because we believe it. But because we have a team of Champions, this company is based on a fully functioning military ranking system within our own group your skills and dedication will influence your ranks. We accept all who is willing to become great warriors. We encourage growth not only in halo but in life, disciplines that can carry over to your life, invaluable traits, never to quit. Even when impossible odds are thrown at us, with this belief. We simply give you the means to execute with precision. For communications is our greatest weapon. Fall in line. For victory, after victory. We hone our skills on the battlefield.