Notable Company Beta

Notable Company Beta

"Who Dares Wins"





Spartan Company Bio

Welcome to Notable Company Spartan. We are a community of all skill levels that love to play this game. Please make sure to add everyone in your company and play with members when you are online. Dominating the enemy is a breeze when you have teammates along with you. This company strives to bring Halo players of all skill levels together.
See you on the battlefield
/Luke TheNotable

Admin note:
Facebook Group for all of Beta

Scythe moved to beam
- We have already achieved the Achilles Armor. YOU CAN NOT JOIN AND GET THE ARMOR WE ALREADY HAVE!!!!!!! If you are requesting to join in hopes of receiving the body armor, unfortunately, you will be unable to receive it with our company since we already have it. However, we still welcome anyone to request to join.

-Higher levels (100+ with a positive KD) have a better chance of getting into the company as right now we are looking for relatively experienced players.

-Add the Leader and Lieutenants of the Company once you're in so that we can easily get groups together whenever we are online.

-At random times, the company will be scouted for inactive players by the leader or one of the LTs, and those players will respectfully be discharged from the company to make room for those who are more active.

-We are currently looking for BALANCED players who play BOTH Arena and Warzone.

-When applying to the company, it is HIGHLY advised you customize your request and do not leave it default!!! I will reject all default messages. Include details such as rank, what you like playing, as well as how often you play ect. to set yourself apart from the others requesting to join.

-If we are at 100 we cannot accept new players but if a space becomes free we will let you know or accept you asap.

-There are 6 total Notable Companies and counting! Here they are in alphabetical order:

1. Notable Company Alpha (Luke TheNotable is in this one)

2. Notable Company Beta (You are in this one)

3. Notable Company Delta

4. Notable Company Echo

5. Notable Company Gamma

6. Notable Company Zeta

Thanks for reading Spartans, see you online
Sentiant Scythe, MrCrack85, HANGOVERHIPSTER, xCy4NidEx, HCS Hades and PossumFart

Favorite Games

  • Halo: The Master Chief CollectionHalo: The Master Chief Collection
  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians