Os Patinhos PT

Os Patinhos PT





Spartan Company Bio

Achilles Helmet - 31/31 - Unlocked @ 17/May/2020
Achilles Armor - 31/31 - Unlocked @ 23/September/2016

We are not a competitive SC, all we wanted to do was to get Achilles and enjoy the journey to get it and maybe even met some new people along the way. We will keep carry on for Halo Infinite, if something similar is on it.
-The leaders are Portuguese, hence the PT in the name

Requirements to Join Us:
-In your Join Request state if you like to play Warzone or Arena (or both), also the languages that you are able to speak (and the level of fluency in each one) since we have people from all over the world - This is just informative;
-Keep active in Halo 5 and kill other Spartans or Marines (there are occasional checks for inactives - check below);
-No Level nor Rank required;
-Don't spam invites to the fellow members in order to play/party chat - one is enough;
-You understand that you might be removed from the SC without notice if you don't contribute towards Achilles and/or are inactive for a certain period of time. Inviting back is a policy of ours.

General Rules/Notes:
-There are random checks to see if our members have been playing lately - those who haven't will be kicked and might (or might not) be invited back - 7 days in a row without playing might result in a kick.
-You may or may not play with your fellow SC members;
-You can play whatever Game Mode you like.
-Your stats mean nothing to us before you join the SC, only the kills that you do as part of the SC matter to us;
-No one gets special treatment, everyone is equal to everyone else;
-If you have friends that want to join us, let us know their GT and we'll send the invite asap or have them apply to the SC.


The SC will work in whatever the Achilles equivalent is on Halo Infinite, so feel free to join before then.

Favorite Games

  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians