Pillar of Autumn C7O9

Pillar of Autumn C7O9

"The Autumn, The Pillar"





Spartan Company Bio

Clan leader: REDACTED. These people below have earned the title of Council, its the highest rank that one could achieve besides the rank of Clan Leader. (Council includes 6 people): Feral Ridgewolf, REYREYJR24, ACEOFSPADES242, SmokeeQuil556, ls4512, SkyxQueeN X.

Info about the clan and ship the crew resides in:
UNSC Pillar of Autumn, (hull classification symbol C-709),[8][9] was a Halcyon-class light cruiser in the UNSC Navy. It was informally referred to as the Autumn, and, in some cases, the Pillar.[10][11][12] It was the sister ship of UNSC Dawn Under Heaven[13] and UNSC Toulouse.[14]
Prior to the Fall of Reach Pillar of Autumn was selected to support Operation: RED FLAG, a SPARTAN-II mission to capture Covenantleaders. CaptainJacob Keyes was placed in command. The operation was forestalled by the Covenant assault on Reach; the cruiser carried some of the few UNSC survivors and fled the system having lost most of its intended SPARTAN-II passengers.
The cruiser was guided to the Soell system by the smart AICortana. There it was engaged by a Covenant fleet guarding Installation 04. Keyes crash-landed the ship on the installation where the surviving crew continued the battle against the Covenant, and later, the Flood. The ship's sole remaining combat-effective SPARTAN-II, John-117, was forced to destabilize the Autumn's fusion reactor, destroying both the ship and the ringworld, to prevent the Installation from being fired.