Shotgun Runners

Shotgun Runners

"Goodtimes with average players"





Spartan Company Bio

Fun semi-competitive Spartan Company that plays nightly. Warzone, Arena and Breakout with others mixed in. Organized nightly games and also Custom games.

Region: Philadelphia and the east coast based . - USA - pretty much everywhere now so members can find a game at any time.

- Have a mic; No Kinect microphone
- Preferred higher than 1.0 k/d for Arena ranked games only, but not required. We really don't care - Grab a flag or something if you can't kill. Theres other things to do
- No changing your Service Tag or Emblem to match the team or whatnot - you want to do that?....It's all on you. keep your own custom emblem and call sign.
- Inactivity, inappropriate behavior like mid-game quitting are offenses that will earn you a trip out of the SGR. If you haven't played in over a month consider yourself warned. Talking trash, bringing up strange conversions or talking about your weekend where you were found in a gutter are welcomed and NOT considered inappropriate.
- Adults and/or sociable people only. Kids are welcome as long as you're not breaking rules or become annoying.
- Communication skills, ability to learn new maps and call out targets/objectives is a must.- if you don't like talking, we will make you.
- Language : English - because we are American scumbags, so we will never learn another language
- We Party Chat - There is offensive language and random conversations about sports and other stuff.... be warned. Weekends are even worse, alcohol is involved and it gets pretty dicey. its all in good fun.
- Add members to Xbox Live, message us, invite us to your party... whatever. If i see you on, i'll invite you in, but theres times i can miss ya, so be proactive: we are Kenzo's not animals. (side note, want to laugh a little, look up kensignton urban dictionary in google, thats where im from)

Game times (all times EST):
Week nights 9 pm or so to 1 am.
Weekends: Variable game times - Use Forums or XBL messages (preferred) to organize games. Check Company forum and social sites (pending) for news and updates. We aren't very organized. you try to find time to run a company with kids and a nagging wife. (shes in the company too, Thank god she doesn't read this crap)
Custom pop up games - Any time

To join, Send us an invite. I review all applicants by clicking accept. thats it. This is for fun and to meet new people, play games. winning is fun, winning with people you know is better. If im on but you cant join me, im prolly playing with some members or a locked party. My bad....

Background: The company has been around since Halo 2, where back then the clan was still called the Shotgun Runners. Under the SGR banner, the Company boasted a pretty large following until the late stages of Halo 3; where most players left for more competitive groups, MLG aspirations or just plan life. Since the return of clans (Spartan Companies) in Halo 5, only 4 legacy members remain, and age has caught up with us. Looking to regain the glory of the past (not really), our doors are open to new members. You will never be booted from our company unless you break a rule, Which means you're pretty much here to stay. We boast fun games and good times for all members, LIEUTENANT grades are assigned to those looking to help admin the company and given to the original members from Halo 2.Yea some don't play anymore but i'm not booting them - so don't ask. Contact us via XBL messages, Spartan Company request or PM to Gamer tags: Azguz or Marbles04.

**** Also, with all of the Armor talk, we are close to getting there. If you want to get that armor ( i do) , we play nightly. its a perfect opportunity to achieve your goals and ours. We are over 130,000 games played;close to hitting level 5 on the needed "kills" commendations. We also have some other commendations for other games up to level 5 already, although they don't count for the Achilles armor.... still shows we get $%!T done.

Finally, add members on XBL. See us on playing? jump in. At least add Azguz and join in.

Favorite Games

  • Halo: The Master Chief CollectionHalo: The Master Chief Collection
  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians
  • Halo: ReachHalo: Reach
  • Halo: Combat EvolvedHalo: Combat Evolved