"SKY Haloer"





Spartan Company Bio


  • Achilles Armor Attained: 1st May, 2016
  • Achilles Helmet Attained: 20th July, 2017
  • 阿基里斯鎧甲獲得日期:2016-5-1
  • 阿基里斯頭盔獲得日期:2017-7-20
Live Stream / 直播
  1. lKuroiYoru Live Stream:
  2. omihu Live Stream:
  3. LoveTZYangYu Live Stream:
English Version :
SKY Halo Community Link : Xbox-Skyer Halo
Offical website : Xbox-Skyer (English Version)

Requirements to Join :
  1. Must Party Up with Spartan Company Members
  2. Prefer Everyone has a Microphone or Kinect
Easy Way To Join:
  • Simply click on "Request to Join" on the top of Spartan Company page.
  • otherwise Message WiiKey , lKuroiYoru, WingBucket on Halo Waypoint or on Xbox Live GamerTag : WiiKey , lKuroiYoru, WingBucket
New member of SKY
  1. Please add EVERYONE from the Spartan Company Roster as a 'Friend' on Xbox Live. That way you can invite your fellow Spartan Company Members to your fire team.
  2. Live in harmony with all people
  1. Players are supposed to participate in at least one game within 7 days and 130 matches within 30days. We shall check the activeness of each player. (THE number will vary with time)
  2. If you cant be online for some reason, please send the message to lKuroiYoru or WiiKey .

中文版本 :
SKY Halo論壇專區: Xbox-Skyer Halo
官方網站:Xbox-Skyer ( 中文版本 )

取錄條件 :
  1. 經常與連隊成員組隊遊戲
  2. 每位加入的玩家們都必須至少配備原裝的麥克風或者Kinect
  • 於所加入的斯巴達連隊的網頁中的右上方點擊 "Request to Join" 并發送申請
  • 玩家同時可以於Halo Waypoint或者於Xbox Live中發送信息 WiiKey , lKuroiYoru 申請加入連隊
  1. 發送好友邀請至改連隊的各位隊員,這樣就可以方便邀請你的好友一起組成火力小組進行遊戲
  2. 請務必與各位團員們和睦相處
  1. 每週檢查玩家的活躍度,要求 7 天内玩過對戰而且 30 天內對戰常數達到130場(Warzone & Arena) (场数会根据不同时期调整)。
  2. 如果各位玩家有原因不能上線,請發信息給 lKuroiYoruWiiKey 其中一位

Favorite Games

  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians
  • Halo 4Halo 4
  • Halo: ReachHalo: Reach
  • Halo 3Halo 3