Stuffed Crust Pizza Two

Stuffed Crust Pizza Two

"It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy!"





Spartan Company Bio

When the Covenant attacked Reach, the losses to mankind were immeasurable. The Covies had taken our cities, our families, and our hope. And still today, as the wars wage on Earth and beyond, with the threat of human extinction always daunting on the edge of the abyss, there is only one truth we can still rely on. One truth that can truly bring us hope in these desperate hours.
No, it is not Master Chief.
The only constant is Stuffed Crust Pizza.
When your best bro gets stuck in a multiplayer match, the last three seconds of his life ticking down in a hazy blue panic, close your eyes and think about mozzarella cheese. When a Promethean Knight gets the best of you in single combat, and you watch behind a respawn count as it slaughters your teammates in succession, dwell on pepperoni, sausage, or whatever toppings you like.
Stuffed Crust will always be there for you. Help us finish the fight against all other food.
*****You must play at least 120 minutes a week that go towards the Achilles armor set. Preferably level 140 and above. Activity is checked on a daily basis. Eat pizza.*****
*****Once in the company, an inactivity of 28 days or more will get you automatically removed with no notice. If life happens, the General needs to know*****
****28 days is extremely lenient*****Message the leader*****
*****We already have the armor*****

Favorite Games

  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians