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Taken is NOT an Achilles grinding company. We just want good players to team up and run both Arena and Warzone. We are looking for QUALITY of our Spartans, based on Service Record, which we can see, so be honest! Also, if you would like to join, you'll need to be on Discord, or you will not be considered.
  1. Join our Discord server. WE ONLY ACCEPT ONYX OR ABOVE INTO THE COMPANY, but Everyone in the Halo community is welcome to join our server.
  2. If you wish to communicate with us, use discord. We do not reply to messages sent on Waypoint.
  3. If you are a custom fan then you'll probably be kicked. Customs help no one, and since this a community/company, they have no place here.
  4. We can see what you play + minutes...if you're not active you'll be discharged.
Don't meet the requirements for joining Taken? Still want to grind? Join a friendly Spartan Company working towards Achilles (The Chap Republic):

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