The Blue Dream Team

The Blue Dream Team

"Never Back Down"





Spartan Company Bio

The Blue Dream[y] Team
A Community Not A Clan

We have set out to be one the best companies around and anyone* is welcome to join or rejoin under the following conditions:

      1. you have achieved an Onyx/Champion rank (Breakout and Swat do not count)
      1. you have a mic
      1. you play to win

We are not strict:

      1. We do not care what your emblem is
      1. We do not care what your color scheme is
      1. We do not care what your armor/helmet are
      1. We do not drug test (although we legally reserve the right to)

Add/Message Company Leaders if you have any questions:
Leader: Happy Hour H3R0 (Happy)
Lieutenant: Dude Perfect8 (Dude)
Lieutenant: Valkyrie HCS (Cory)
Lieutenant: Half Fart (Ferv) Retired
Lieutenant: o DemiPig o (Pigy)
Lieutenant: InYahBackpack (Rome)
Lieutenant: Natural Chaos (NTRL)
Lieutenant: Mocha117 (Moka)

Useful Links:
This is an extension of google chrome and adds an advanced tool bar to which allows you to sell multiple REQs at once and saved me a lot of time. This is all totally safe and easy to use, at first there will be a window that pops up for filter options so you can sell everything at once. I closed that tho and went through them individually so I could keep some of them. Anyways it's super helpful so here you go guys - Link 1

Sponsored Players:
Please show our sponsored players some love and sub to their channels, some of these guys are making waves in the competitive community and could very well end up going pro so def check em out. - Big thanks (links below)
Valkyrie HCS(Cory)
Twitch Channel: zzxValkyriexzz
D3ViLz DaViD (Dave)
Youtube Channel: D3ViLzDaViD