The BoomCo Blasters

The BoomCo Blasters

"Swag out with your bag out!!!"





Spartan Company Bio

Whether you're Casually Competitive, Competitively Casual, or whatever wonderfully inconceivable type of FragSwag you yourself might utilize in order to inject your KDR with syringes full of a "Chiefs blood, Essence of Avery J., and whatever steroids Mariusz Pudzianowski is on (all of them) cocktail" , There's always a room for a fresh new Blaster in our company. As long as you're relatively effective and not a complete 1337, and as long as you realize that though we as company may look like we're just "playin", our toys make big noise and really we're just SLAYIN!!! Strapdiddily, JockStrapJohnny, and FoxyGrandpa410 are the founders of this Legendary unit, and as for now, Spartan, there's merely One two-part condition... 1. Upon unlocking the BoomCo skin for the Magnum, it goes on and STAYS ON, and 2. Same goes for the AR!!! It'd be a pleasure to finish this fight with you alongside, Spartan... Question is, are you up to the task?? Or did they really "NERF" up the training at your camp son?