The Eleven Seven

The Eleven Seven

"For Achilles, We Are"





Spartan Company Bio

This company was created by the leadership of We Need A6hilles to earn the Achilles armor piece for those who have yet to earn it that were in various WNA companies.

Note: as of 10/30/2017 we will not accept new members until obtaining the helmet

Armor obtained: 3:28 6/10/2017

Helmet obtained: N/A
Things to Note:

  • Play Halo because you want to, not because you have to. We want to see people put hours into the game, not just several minutes.
  • Please put some effort into your request- show us why you deserve a spot. Messages containing any part of the default message will be ignored.
  • Have the DISCORD app readily available, as you will be sent a link to our server upon acceptance into the company.
  • IF you request to join, please be nearby WayPoint throughout the next day, or so, as we are processing your request.
Minimum requirements to join The 117:

  • SR of at least 60
  • Overall multiplayer KD of .9 or higher
  • The Discord App (Available on all platforms; if you don't get Discord after 24 hours of being accepted, you'll be discharged.)

Requirements to REMAIN a member of The 117:

  • Must complete required weekly goals specified in the Commendation Progress Chat within Discord.
  • If you put in less than the required activities for the week, you may be discharged.
  • In Discord, you are required to complete at least half of the commendations for the week (this can be seen from displaying your stat count from our bot). If you complete a commendation twice or three times past its requirement, you can re-allocate it into a commendation you have not completed.
We want Achilles and so do you! Let's work for it together.
Please note:
When joining discord, read through previous messages in the Reception chat. You may mute all other channels within the server EXCEPT News and Announcements.
If you expect to be gone for an extended period of time that would affect your commendation progress for the week, a post MUST be made in the Leave of Absence chat in our Discord Server, or if the matters are sensitive, a direct message to leadership of the company is also acceptable. This is to not be abused.
Warnings of removal are done through Discord, we will not seek you on Xbox when the purpose of the app is to communicate between the company.

Favorite Games

  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians