The Legacy of Madness

The Legacy of Madness

"Trust Your Own Madness..."





Spartan Company Bio

Hello all members, friends, and those interested in joining!

This Spartan Company is still fairly young, but made up of great people and players who love to work together as a team and we are determined to grind to get the new Achilles armor and helmet for everyone, as well as all of those other free REQ packs! We are getting very full and need just a few more members in order to fill out our Spartan Company.

We are made up of a lot of veteran Halo players, many long time SWAT players (clearly that is the reason for the ironic Spartan Company name considering the ridiculous amount of swatnum games 343 makes us play), and we have members who battle through every game type so you will be able to find team mates if you just ask! We have many Champion and onyx ranks among our members and we are more than willing to work with anyone who is looking to improve their game play and wants to grind through the ranking system... which we all know can be frustrating to get up through, especially without a full team!

We want all kinds of members who respect each other, bring your friends with you and let's have fun and knock these commendations out! Message me on here or xbox if you are interested in joining and I will get you in so you can be a part of our company! Please if you send us a request to join make sure you have already left your current Spartan Company in order for me to let you in. Thank you!

See you soon!


Favorite Games

  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians
  • Halo: ReachHalo: Reach