The Strong 6th

The Strong 6th

"Vengeance and Punishment"





Spartan Company Bio

Please leave a personalized message. Default invites will be ignored. Preference goes to the highly active!

We are in a community called "The Exiled".

Requirements to join this company:

          • You're required to be highly active
          • If you Join this company you must join our group chat on "Discord".
          • You will be Removed from this company for not meeting our requirement or you are Inactive for 20 days straight.
          • Feel free to request join or message us, saying why we should accept you. Any generic join messages will likely be ignored/rejected.
          • For people requesting to join, for you to be considered, you must have a positive arena k/d of 1.0, and at least a Platinum rank in the current season, and a rank of at least SR50.
          • If you cause problems within this company you will be kicked.

Achilles Armour Unlocked: March 19th, 2016 -
Therefore, it is to late for new members to unlock it. If you want the helmet though there's still time!
Achilles Helmet Unlocked: July 17, 2016 -
Therefore, it is impossible to gain any of the Achilles armour set with this company.

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