Titan Division

Titan Division

"hard work/team effort pays off"





Spartan Company Bio

Achilles armor: complete
Achilles helmet: in progress

(If you see that we have 100/100 members please submit a request anyway...you will take a inactive members spot)

We are Titan Division

TD is designed too annihilate enemy teams and have fun in the process

We are not a clan. We're just a large group of friends who wants Achilles

We DO NOT yell or get mad at other members in games

We help each other rank up and or get to any desired goals we set

Join our family in the fight for Achilles!!

(For the people who randomly finds us and wants to join)
To join you must submit a request to the company and send me (ReconRoyal) a brief personal message on xbox saying why you want to join.
you'll be most likely accepted if your a pretty chill person...(no rage players, no annoying players, and no quiters)
when accepted add me as a friend.

Thanks for choosing Titan Division.!