WASP Platoon

WASP Platoon





Spartan Company Bio

The Weapons training And Special forces Personnel (W.A.S.P.) platoon is a Reach veteran led platoon. Anybody can join, (Feel free to join the Discord server, even if you haven’t been accepted yet!) but the most valued members will of course be those who are granted a W.A.S.P. number. (For example, WSP1 for your callsign) Achieve a number by showing dedication to our group. Here are the ranks on our discord server, going from least to greatest: (Uniform is yellow and black tertiary for Recruit through Sargeant)
Recruit: No requirements.
Private: Be in the company for at least three days
Corporal: Be at least level 10 in Halo 5, or be in W.A.S.P in another game.
Sargeant: Be in W.A.S.P. for at least a week.
Warrant Officer: Be a Warrant officer in Halo: Reach OR have beaten any other Halo game on legendary in the Master Chief Collection. You can jump to this rank from any rank above Private in you meet the requirements.
At Warrant Officer, you have a few more uniform choices to choose from. Black and then green tertiary, black and then yellow tertiary, and black and then red tertiary.
Captain: Be in W.A.S.P. for a month and be signed up in W.A.S.P. in any other game we are affiliated with.
Primus of W.A.S.P.: Be handpicked by the leader to receive a number. A warning, there will be very few who reach this rank and numbers will only go up to nine. You can now use the white and red tertiary uniform.
With Halo: Reach coming to the MCC, it should be a bit easier to ascend the ranks. Good luck, Spartan.