We Need Achi11es

We Need Achi11es

"Fighting like & for Achilles"





Spartan Company Bio

Not accepting new members. We have Achilles and if you join you do not get the armor unlock for joining. Any new requests will be rejected until future notice.

We Need Achilles. Achilles is our lifeblood. Without Achilles, we will die.

Our Completed Goal:ACHILLES ARMOR
To unlock Achilles we need to meet two goals.
The requirements for each kill commendation can be found HERE
Our current kill commendation progress can be found HERE

If you're like us, then you too need Achilles. Join one of our companies, and together we will forge a path to unlock this damn armor and move on with our lives,
unless of course 343 makes more company unlocks in which case we will shift towards unlocking that as well.

If you send a default message your request will be ignored. Please place your messages in the join request.Please do not send personal messages to leadership, I don't read them. We are looking for people that are willing to be an active participant in our community.

An SR rank of 50 or higher is best, a KD close to 1.00, and at least 3,000 kills. We are a community of players, so communication is encouraged! New members must put in 120 minutes per week in game modes that assist us in earning the helmet for the first two weeks. More information will be provided to members accepted into the company.

It is extremely recommended that members get on discord so we can better communicate. A link to it will be provided upon acceptance to the company.

We Need Achilles' official subreddit can be found here.

WNA is a community of 21 Spartan Companies! Our hub can be found here!

Favorite Games

  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians