We Need Achil20s

We Need Achil20s






Spartan Company Bio

Please note the Achilles Armour and Achilles Helmet have already been achieved with this company so upon joining you will not be able to receive any of the armour.

Helmet Achieved 13/11/16 Congrats 20th!!!

Spartans never retreat! Spartans never surrender! Go spread the word.
Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty... For tonight, we dine in hell!

We seek to achieve Achilles through good ol' fashioned playing, not by farming exploits.


We are the Alpha & the Omega. The end is nigh!
Apocalypse Gaming is coming...

>>> You can find our Discord server to Apocalypse Gaming here! <<<*AG is part of the WNA community; as companies unlock Achilles, we provide a platform after the hard work is done. It need not end there. Catering to anyone & everyone, from casual to competitive, whatever your game, campaign, coop or multiplayer - squad build & network in a fast growing community as we offer a wide variety of games to team up on. Whether you're on Xbox One, PS4, PC or Nintendo you have a home here.

Please note: AG tags are NOT mandatory, they are personal choice for those who feel invested & dedicated to what we're building. No doubt you'll feel part of the team either way!

If you are still after the Achilles set then please consider joining AG Achilles, A fresh company dedicated to grinding for The Achilles set.


Rules & regs for 20th:

          • It is now a company wide obligation to either download the Discord app and/or visit the Discord website on joining, you want to stay connected, communicating with other players and find a team? Then jump in the chat!
          • Achieve a Spartan Rank (SR) of at least 100+ (it helps show activity & commitment), if you apply and are below this level, it proves you haven't even read our requirements and are not reliable; it's not a tall order.
          • Have a KD of at least 1.0, Achilles is about getting kills and as such a certain standard is required.
          • Not mandatory but a personalized message helps upon application however there's no need to boast as we can see your service record. Also include the code 852963 in your message.
          • We do have tools available to us to monitor activity and we will be keeping on top of members abusing the system,
          • Keep up to date with company & community networking through Discord, reddit and our forums, squad up for the cause!
          • Respect other members, there is a zero tolerance on flaming & trolling other WNA members in the forums and in game. Members abusing the friendly environment we have created will receive an infraction before being removed from the company.

WNA is a community of 21 Spartan Companies! Our hub, where you can view all existing companies, can be found here

We look forward to welcoming you to the company and the bigger community as a whole.

We Need Achilles' official subreddit can be found here.

WNA is a community of 21 companies; check out our hub here